Interesting Insights into International Oriented Swiss Start-ups 2017/2018

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Entrepreneurs are curious, interested, enthusiastic, determined and innovative. Students of the Major Program “International Entrepreneurship” could prove these attributes during various company visits during their final year of studies. While gaining deeper knowledge about building up your own company, they also had the opportunity to benefit from personal experience and exchange with founders of start-ups that are either in growing phase or already well-established.
All these impressive insights have been processed and summarized into interesting case studies. This book offers the unique opportunity to read through a collection of individual stories of courageous people that ventured a step into self-employment and founded their own business. Enjoy an adventurous trip through the world of entrepreneurship!
Many thanks to all involved companies and entrepreneurs that enabled to realize this book:
  • Amorana
  • Aquaero
  • Itegrity
  • Lend

and many more!